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Where's The Next Selina Albright Concert?

Who Is Selina Albright?


IT'S STUDIO TIME -- stay tuned for a full-length R&B CD release from Selina Albright in early 2017!!

Selina is quite busy touring this year! Check the "Tour Dates" page to see where she's going next... There are dates from coast to coast.

"SUN COMES UP (feat. Gerald Albright)" is being played all over the world!

Whether you're in The U.S., Canada, Nigeria, Australia, Uganda, The U.K., Brazil, Argentina, or Kenya... You can hear Selina's newest original, written from her recent experience of epiphany! Check Selina's Twitter Feed to see which internet radio stations to stream to hear it.

Download it on iTunes or anywhere you can buy music online.

For music enthusiasts who want the enhanced sound quality of a physical CD, CLICK HERE and Selina will personally autograph and send it you.