Music has great power to affect people -- to change the outlook and course of their lives. For me, the process of creating music does just that... always for the better!”

— Selina Albright


Los Angeles native independent singer-songwriter Selina Albright has an impressive way of evoking powerful emotional responses in her listeners. With her sultry, angelic tone and elaborate vocal arrangements, combined with powerful multi-octave wailing and energetic stage presence, she certainly is one whose voice and spirit pierce directly to the soul and command attention. 


In her style, you’ll hear influences of Ella Fitzgerald, Maxwell, Minnie Ripperton, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Amel Larrieux, D’Angelo, Mariah Carey and Dinah Washington. A balanced blend of all of these is the key to her versatility, empowering her to maintain creative flexibility from project to project.


She is sassy. Jubilant. Loves high-quality food. She regularly pulls back the curtain for her social media followers to reveal a dynamic glimpse of who she is, has been, or is becoming. Then, she therapeutically transforms her life experiences into intimate, relatable lyrics and velvety melodies that would appease any music lover.


Albright’s 2010 Jazz single “You and I” was one of iTunes’ Top 100 Jazz Downloads. Her 2013 EP “Brighter” topped the UK Soul Chart for four weeks straight, and her 2016 Jazz single “Sun Comes Up” would prime the market for her 2017 debut R&B/Soul CD “Conversations,” which put Selina Albright’s music on the map internationally. In 2020, she released hit single “Discovering,” a lyrical celebration of her recent journey into motherhood. 


Under her belt are a number of notable collaborative projects, international tours, and vocal features across many genres. You’ll hear her recorded with artists like Gerald Albright, Andrae Crouch, Peter White, Dave Koz, Rick Braun, David Benoit, and Jonathan Butler. Aside from these, the artist has also joined forces with Electronic Dance Music DJs like Manufactured Superstars, Forcing Function, and Vinnie Maniscalco, demonstrating yet another facet to her creativity, and the world has responded strongly.


Next for Albright are many more collaborations, and the upcoming release of her single, entitled “Holding On,” in which she pulls back that curtain once more, with a vulnerable and provocative call to action for those oppressed by social injustice.


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