Hello, Everyone!

It's great to have you here on my site!

All of my original music is written from my experience to your ears, and created out of both love and a passion for positive change.

I have seen and felt the power of music!! I sincerely hope you find it here. This site is dedicated to you.

Be sure use the CDBaby and iTunes buttons throughout the site to get your copy of the songs you'll hear while you explore the website:

- My 2016 Jazz release "Sun Comes Up (feat. Gerald Albright)"
- Selections from my 2013 R&B EP "Brighter"
- "You and I" (a sassy Jazz tune cowritten by myself and Gerald Albright in 2010)

- Selections from my first full-length R&B CD "Conversations" (2017), including the Billboard-charted, Grammy-considered singles "Eat Something (featuring Kay-Ta Matsuno)," "Let Go (feat. Gerald Albright)," "Possible," and "Highest High."

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